HardwareWall™ – Enabling a New Level of Secure Communications

eXMeritus has designed HardwareWall™ as a secure data transfer system and an off-the-shelf Controlled Interface that meets and exceeds all mission and information assurance requirements for the world’s highest-level security directives. Our systems have been deployed and certified in PL-3, PL-4 and PL-5 environments and continue to operate and evolve to meet ever changing requirements and threats.

By choosing HardwareWall™ organizations have realized the benefits of implementing a system that was designed with the needs and requirements of the community in mind. The eXMeritus solution takes in to account not just operational requirements – we help your mission succeed:

HardwareWall™ Benefits(Return to top)
  • Broad platform support in SELinux® , Solaris 10 Trusted Extensions®, Trusted Solaris®; and Irix®
  • Highly configurable and modular to allow interconnection of multiple classifications, programs, compartments and countries
  • Rapid deployment of a proven system
  • Easily integrated into existing systems and workflows
  • Cost competitive to fit within budgetary constraints
  • Allows local development of rule sets and integration of applications
  • Complete solutions incorporating content review, data labeling, MAC, RBAC, audit, etc. and high-speed one-way transfer (10Gb Ethernet)

HardwareWall™ Applications(Return to top)
  • Files
    • High to low or low to high
    • Automated format and content review
    • Digital signatures
    • External utilities (e.g. virus scanning)

  • Streaming data
    • High to low or low to high
    • Automated format and content review
    • Signed records or messages

HardwareWall™ Capacity(Return to top)
  • Current installation moving large files at over 85MB/s
  • Multiple methods to achieve multi-Gigabyte per second throughput:
    • Scales by replication
    • Scales by CPUs and interfaces
    • Demonstrated ability to stripe across multiple Gigabit Ethernet fibers

HardwareWall™ Design(Return to top)

To learn more about the purchase and licensing of HardwareWall™ please visit our sales information page. To find out more about how eXMeritus can help in securing your information, please contact us today.